Boost your success with 100% Nespresso® compatible capsules

Our state-of-the-art production lines combined with our in-house expertise allows us to provide you with three different types of private label Nespresso® compatible capsules. We vigilantly track the newest developments in the market and thoughtfully choose our suppliers. We only work with the best functioning capsules available. For the best possible quality, our experts stand ready to guide you through the process of defining your product.

Aluminium coffee capsules

Aluminium is the way to go if you want the most out of your coffee. It offers the best oxygen barrier and protection of your coffee. Aluminium capsules can be fully recycled.

Plastic coffee capsules

These plastic capsules with an aluminium base create a tight barrier and keep your coffee fresh. They're highly compatible with different machines and offer you a great performance.

Compostable coffee capsules

These home compostable capsules are produced from 100% renewable plant-based material. They can easily be disposed of onto your compost heap at home.

Aluminium nespresso® capsules

Aluminium capsules for quality single-serve coffee

Our aluminium capsules are 100% oxygen-tight, resulting in a shelf life of at least 24 months. The capsules weigh 0,85 grams each and can be filled, with up to 5,5 grams of quality coffee. They are made out of 75% of recycled aluminium and are fully recyclable. We offer a variety of 10 colours, together with several customisation possibilities. That way, you have the freedom to create a unique brand identity for your private label Nespresso® capsules.

Nespresso® compatible capsules

Plastic capsules with the highest compatibility

Our plastic capsules have a self-protective barrier which is 100% oxygen tight, resulting in a shelf life of at least 18 months.

We offer a standard variety of 12 colours, with multiple personalisation possibilities.

We aim to give you the tools you need to create your own unique private label coffee brand.

Capsul’In compostable Nespresso® compatible capsule

Compostable capsules for a sustainable solution

Our Capsul’In compostable Nespresso® compatible capsules can easily be disposed of onto your compost heap at home, as they have been produced from 100% renewable plant-based material. The capsules, as well as the raw materials used to produce them, satisfy all the necessary quality standards.

All you have to do is toss them in the bin along with your fruit, vegetable and garden refuse and let nature do the work.

The capsules were labeled by TUV as OK Biobased ****, as well as Industrially Compostable and Home Compostable. The raw materials are OK Bio-degradable.

****The certification has been granted by TÜV Austria in June 2020, confirming compliance with the following international standards:
* French NF T51 800 (2015) - Plastics – Specifications for plastics suitable for home composting
* Australian AS 5810 – Biodegradable plastics – Biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting
* ISO 16929 - Plastics – Determination of the Degree of Disintegration of Plastic Materials under Defined Composting Conditions in a Pilot-Scale Test

Grinding your coffee right

Capsules need a more homogeneous and exact grinding process. Different brewing methods also require different grinds of coffee, depending on espresso or lungo preparation. At Beyers Koffie, we use a 3-step cylinder grinder to make sure that every serving is correctly ground.

Personalised coffee packaging solutions

We are ready to fulfill your requirements on both packaging types and packaging sizes. All corrugated boxes at Beyers have the FSC label, and the duplex boxes which we use for packing the Nespresso™ compatible capsules are PEFC certified by default.