Fairtrade is a trustworthy and independently verified label with a particular focus on economic and social criteria. The certification mark is found on a wide range of products.

Coffee carrying the Fairtrade mark guarantees a fixed minimum price that covers at least the coffee farmers' production costs. This means they are ensured a fair wage. The certification mark also guarantees a fixed Fairtrade premium. The farming cooperatives can use this to invest in education, health and sustainable production methods.

In Belgium, Fairtrade Belgium ensures correct implementation of the logo. Only products that meet all the Fairtrade criteria can be given the certification mark. In 1991, Beyers was the very first company to become a member of Fairtrade Belgium.

For more info on Fairtrade, visit: www.fairtrade.org.uk

For more info on the Fairtrade criteria, visit: www.fairtrade.net

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