Sourcing certified coffee

After petroleum, coffee is the world’s next biggest export product. It is almost exclusively cultivated in developing countries. The coffee trade therefore has a huge impact on the working and living conditions of the local coffee producers, their families and on nature. A number of certification marks have been developed to ensure that farmers are paid and treated properly and that no harm is caused to the environment. A coffee producer is only given such a certification mark if he meets various social, economic and ecological criteria. This procedure is strictly controlled by independent organisations. 

Sustainable sourcing is also important for coffee roasting plants in Western countries. When coffee producers are better paid and trained, they take better care of their plantations, and their yields and profits improve as a result. Everyone benefits from sustainable sourcing – even the customers, as they can be sure that their coffee has been produced honestly, with respect for both people and nature. 

At Beyers, we are familiar with all sustainable coffee labels. We have built up extensive expertise in this area. We have the necessary documents and can take care of the entire process of certification for you. Besides Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Bio, we offer UTZ and 4C to all our customers.  

Click here for more info on these certification marks and to read how they make a difference across ecological, social and economic criteria.