Waste & recycling

Beyers does its best to cause as little waste as possible and to recycle this waste as much as possible. For instance, we arrange for the differentiated collection of:

  • Metal
  • Filter paper
  • Wood
  • Coffee grounds (they are collected separately and processed into compost – a prime example of ‘cradle to cradle’ production, involving the transformation of waste back into raw material)
  • Cardboard and office paper
  • Waste

Waste prevention is practically an automatic reflex for us. This is illustrated by several initiatives:

  • Optimisation of the pad machine leads to less waste from filter paper.
  •  With vacuum packaging, there are no more lines generating wrapping waste.
  • Since 1/12/2011, we have been printing double-sided on standard printers, allowing us to reduce our paper consumption at the office by 25%. 
  • Plastic-bottled water is replaced by water coolers. Every employee has its personal glass and carafe.
  • Aluminium packages have been banned since January 2010.
  • We source sustainable material, such as FSC corrugated cardboard.

 We avoid water waste and water pollution where possible:

  •  We purify wastewater through our own water treatment plant.
  • The cooling water used during the roasting process evaporates completely.