Safeguarding the environment

At Beyers, we are aware that, as a coffee roasting company, we must take responsibility and do our bit for the environment. After all, we owe our business to a very precious gift from the earth: the coffee bean.

Besides the mandatory, applicable Belgian environmental legislation – with which Beyers fully complies – we also take voluntary initiatives to limit our impact on the environment. These initiatives can be divided into 3 pillars:

On top of our own initiatives, we extend an open offer to the Belgian authorities to meet and co-design tangible actions as well as help the outreach to the rest of the world's leaders and businesses to support an ambitious climate agreementWe do this by signing the Letter of Engagement COP21 with 75 other organizations. This letter is an initiative of The Shift, the Belgian network for sustainability, of whom we are a member. 



COP21 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties 21, to be held inParis in December 2015, and aims to deliver a new climate change agreement that will put the world on track to a low-carbon, sustainable future while keeping the rise in global temperature to under 2 degrees Celsius by 2100.