Our employees

Not only are our products important to us – our staff are too. And just as we expect our products to be created in an ecological, sustainable way, we expect our staff to contribute to the company’s environmentally aware profile. It goes without saying that they also benefit in return. 

Health and safety

A safe and healthy work environment is a top priority at Beyers Koffie. Together with our internal safety officer and the Workplace Prevention and Protection Committee, we pay a lot of attention to health and safety, and all those responsible for this issue monitor it closely. We expect our staff to know and observe the 10 golden hygiene rules and the 10 golden safety rules (such as the compulsory use of hearing protection) listed in the work rules, and to apply and/or use properly the resources at their disposal.

Besides health and safety, welfare in the workplace is another key issue. So, we aim to ensure a pleasant work environment by providing, for instance, new cloakrooms. All offices have plenty of light and the production facilities are fitted with roof light shafts.


The company invests in a culture of dialogue that involves the constructive operation of the works council, the safety committee and the trade union representatives. It is the management’s task to align the production organisation smoothly and flexibly with the company’s mission: to be a “top private label coffee company” in a European setting.


We raise awareness among our staff through eco tips: we ask them to switch off the lights when they leave a room, to recycle paper and not to waste water.

We encourage voluntary work and we sponsor activities organised by colleagues.