Coffee and health – a popular topic of discussion

Many people simply cannot imagine life without coffee.  Whether you are taking a little time for yourself or enjoying yourself in good company: a delicious cup of coffee is perfect at any time of the day. 

Coffee not only tastes good – it is also a pick-me-up.   The caffeine in coffee puts your senses on edge. You feel more alert and less tired. Coffee also contributes towards the recommended daily intake of fluids and, on top of that, it contains antioxidants and minerals. Another important point: if you don’t take milk or sugar in your coffee, it doesn't contain any calories.

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Beyers thinks of your health

Both within and outside the company, Beyers Koffie NV continuously checks all components that could potentially cause harm to people in order to guarantee food safety. This way, you can enjoy your daily cup of coffee without having to worry.

Examples of checks and precautionary measures include:

  • Internal analysis of the Ochratoxin A (OTA) content in green coffee. Ochratoxin A is a kind of mould that can be found on coffee beans.
  • Checking the acrylamide content in accredited external labs. Acrylamide is a chemical component that is released at temperatures exceeding 120°C.
  • We raise awareness of the importance of using the correct coffee machines to prevent cafestol. This is a fat-soluble substance that raises cholesterol levels and is released during the roasting of coffee beans. At the customer’s request, we have this tested externally.
  • We test the caffeine content in decaffeinated coffee internally.
  • Water pipes are tested every quarter by draining off water at seven points and having it tested. By doing so, we can check whether it meets the statutory standards.