Social Responsibility

Beyers gives high priority to corporate responsibility. Our strong social commitment is reflected in all aspects of our business operations. The issue of corporate social responsibility has gained major importance for private labels too. Consumers are, after all, becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of their shopping decisions. Those who can state in their communications that they offer responsibly produced products will be able to attract more potential customers.

Take, for instance, our care for the environment. In 2011, we calculated our carbon footprint at the organisational level. Besides calculations at the organisational level, we also have a tool in place calculating (y)our product carbon footprint (PCF). In addition, we are performing a ‘cradle to gate’ life-cycle analysis of four product types (hard vacuum, soft packs of ground coffee, soft packs of beans, and pads). We therefore calculate the carbon footprint from the coffee plantation to the delivery at the customer’s distribution centre. The tool enables us to help our customers identify the carbon footprint of their own coffee and make it climate neutral if they wish.

Our choice for corporate sustainability is also reflected in the coffee labels we offer: Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, organic, UTZ Certified and 4C.

The quality and traceability of our products are just as important. We monitor these aspects closely through an effective quality system. We would also like to mention our continuous drive for innovation and our extensive networking. Finally, let's not forget our highly motivated employees.  They form a tight and professional team of specialists who are always ready to help you.

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