As a retailer or food service specialist, you naturally want to reach narrowly defined sections of the market with a tailor-made range. With that in mind, your own Private Label is the obvious choice. Guiding you in this choice is a challenge for us every time. It requires a specific approach and thorough involvement. An exciting interpretation of the concept of partnership is therefore essential for our relationship with you as a customer.

What do we mean by partnership?

Together with you, we organise coffee cupping sessions, in which we search for that unique, exquisite blend – the perfect match. This is often based on the machine. The same blend will, in fact, taste different if it is used, for instance, in a filter coffee maker or Senseo machine.

In addition, we consider it important to openly share knowledge with you. We closely monitor trends in taste patterns and we can therefore inform you whether a certain blend is still used as a reference.

In Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain, we work with a team of coffee specialists who have thorough knowledge of the specific tastes of the various markets. So, you may rest assured that your coffee is always perfectly matched to your target group in a specific market.

There is a sales office within the group, E.P. Leidsche, for the Dutch market and some export countries. Since 2006, it has been centrally located in the Dutch town of Gorinchem. E.P. Leidsche’s roots go back a long way – a good 235 years! But not to worry: today E.P. Leidsche can offer you the most advanced service package, with the emphasis on private labels.

We have built up a close collaboration with local partners in France and Great Britain who have the necessary market knowledge. Geographical know-how is not just an empty concept for us!