Add flavour to your day with our convenient coffee systems

At work or school, in a restaurant or café: a cup of coffee always tastes good. We have specially developed our blends and grinds for the catering industry, offices and wholesale. They are therefore ideal for use in professional coffee machines and vending machines. Beans, ground coffee or portioned pads: the choice is yours!

Together with you, we analyse your specific situation: what type of company you have, which of your clients drink coffee and at what time of the day, what their favourite flavour is… This way, we can work out the best proposal for the right machine, the right coffee and the right usage. Moreover, we always strive for the perfect cup of coffee. We are constantly innovating so that you, as the customer, can reap the benefits. You will certainly find what you are looking for among our exclusive concepts.


Coffee Break Service (C.B.S.)

With Beyers C.B.S., you can make 18 aromatic cups of black gold… in just 8 minutes! Thanks to the well-insulated inner flask in the practical airpot, your coffee stays nice and warm and it retains its full flavour for longer. So, during every meeting or break, you will have enough fresh coffee on hand. Thanks to the stainless steel and the environmentally friendly waste filter, C.B.S. is very maintenance friendly too. Maximum enjoyment with minimal effort!





All the advantages in a nutshell:

  • Practical: portioned, pre-packaged in filter paper. Preparation: place the sachet in the filter pan, press the button and it does the rest!
  • Quick: 15 to 18 cups in just 8 minutes.
  • High quality: heat retention (80°C) and aroma retention in the very well-insulated airpot (2.2 L). Top quality blends.
  • Cost-conscious: the price per cup is 30% lower than the vending machine price. Beyers offers the free use of a machine to customers who buy in bulk.
  • Selection: from 6 different varieties, including decaf and Fairtrade. All climate neutral.


Flaked Fresh Brew coffee

Specially for the professional market and vending machine sales, a unique grinding process has been developed within the group: the flaked process. The coffee from a vending machine not only tastes much better now – thanks to the much higher extraction, you can also dispense a much smaller quantity of coffee (12-17% more efficient in terms of coffee consumption). Also available as a private label.