Kimbo of Naples – the perfect espresso

Kimbo, number 2 in Italy for espresso coffee, is produced in Naples – the birthplace of espresso. Here, espresso forms an integral part of the culture, more so than in the rest of Italy, and Neapolitans are by nature very critical. It is therefore a great honour that these epicureans have a preference for Caffè Kimbo. In every mouthful, you can taste the strength and intensity of nearby Vesuvius. Beyers is the sole distributor of the brand in the Benelux.


Kimbo, the real Neapolitan espresso

After the Second World War, Francesco, Gerardo and Elio Rubino helped their father in his grocery shop with adjoining café in Naples. Here, the three brothers roasted coffee, both for sale to customers and for use in the café. The demand was so high that the brothers started to focus on roasting and selling coffee. In 1963, they started up the roasting company ‘Café do Brasil’ and introduced their coffee to the market under the brand name ‘Caffè Kimbo’. 10 years later, the brand was the market leader in Naples. Since then, Caffè Kimbo has won over the rest of Italy too. The company is still run by the Rubino family and now holds a strong position outside Italy too.


Pure taste, full of temperament, enjoyed with passion

A distinctive feature of Caffè Kimbo coffee is its authenticity. The unbeatable flavour derived directly from the coffee – just like the coffee roasted in the Rubino family’s shop – lies unmistakably at the root of its success.

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The Kimbo family has many bambini, each with their own distinct character. As a result, there are delicious Kimbo espressos for both the catering industry and for home consumption. Ground, in beans or packaged in pods or pads – Kimbo offers it all.


The coffee virtuoso

Our barista, Jasper Overdevest, will teach you the tricks of the trade. From making a perfect espresso to preparing a delicious cappuccino – he will show you how it is all done at one of our fully equipped training centres. Are you at a more advanced level? Then, together with our barista, you can create your own coffee menu, full of exclusive recipes.

Jasper Overdevest is a man with a lot of experience. He is a certified barista at SCAE Level I and level II, as well as an SCAE Gold cup brewmaster. What’s more, his passion for coffee is very contagious.