Quality and sustainability from bean to cup

Beyers Koffie is an established name within the Belgian coffee industry. An ideal mix of age-old traditions and new technologies lies at the root of all our coffees. There is something for everyone – both in terms of flavour (dessert, mild, mocha, espresso) and method of preparation (filter coffee, espresso and vending machine).  The sustainable range – Fairtrade and organic – brings us full circle.

Since June 2015 all our coffee brands are also climate neutral (from coffee plantation till distribution): by combining CO2 reduction in our factory  and CO2 compensation through Gold Standard climate projects. And with respect for our sublime taste!

The packaging of our climate neutral coffee range carries the CO2-NEUTRAL label given by CO2logic* and validated by Vinçotte**


CO2logic is a company specialised in calculating, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions.

** Vinçotte is an international organisation helping companies worldwide with inspecting, testing and certification. 



Ever since 1880, we have been importing and roasting green coffee that we turn into the most exquisite blends. There is a huge variety of coffee types, flavours and packages. With the result that every coffee lover finds exactly what he is looking for in our range.