Working @ Beyers

Every day 140 enthusiastic staff members are passionate about further expanding our company and its solid reputation already built up within the coffee industry. This reputation is driven by eight values whose initial letters compose the word PRECIOUS. Because our employees are just that: precious.


Passion. By performing our daily tasks with conviction, commitment and dedication we share the passion to score higher every day and to make a contribution to the operating profit.

Respect. By appreciating the commitment, talents and achievements of our colleagues, we achieve great mutual respect.

Expertise. We strive for high competence in our employees by fostering personal development through education and training.

Customer oriented. By listening, exchanging information and action-oriented performance, we try to involve all employees in the optimization of business processes.

Innovation. We promote a new approach and process enhancements to provide our employees with all-round training and improve business efficiency.

Open. We consult, share information, and make new tools available to optimize our internal communications.

Unity. Through our commitment as a group we are striving for optimal solutions (products – services) for our customers.

Success. We like to share our success with all colleagues who contribute to the growth and development of our company.