Mission, vision & values


Beyers Koffie aims to be a key player in the ‘private label’ coffee business within central Europe. Our ultimate goal is to become a privileged supplier based on:

Cost leadership                   Marketing support                   Social responsibility



The best coffee…

Beyers Koffie works with one of nature’s most precious gifts – the coffee bean – and it is particularly proud of this. Since 1880, we have been turning the best beans into exquisite blends. A lot of passion and craftsmanship goes into our work – a combination that guarantees the highest quality.


 ... made with care for the future

Innovation and sustainability are not just empty phrases for Beyers Koffie. Today, we are more committed than ever to placing innovative products on the market, in a socially responsible way. We do so with respect for both people and nature, throughout the entire process – from bean to cup – and with the satisfaction of each coffee lover as our ultimate goal. In short, coffee is precious to Beyers – in every respect.





We at Beyers are very proud of the fact that we can work on a product that is precious in all its aspects. We have summarised these aspects into eight values. The first letter of each of the eight values, which we believe are at the core of what we do, together form the word PRECIOUS.

Passion. Passion for coffee, for quality, and for commitment.

Respect. Respect for our customers, our partners, the coffee farmers, our employees, the environment, and the surroundings...

Expertise. Ever since 1880, Beyers has been roasting exquisite, high-quality blends, which are a testament to true craftsmanship.

Customer oriented. We listen to our customers, think along with them and involve them by, for example, inviting them to coffee cupping sessions.

Innovation. Forward thinking. Daring to invest in cutting-edge technologies.

Open. Being open to new products, new ideas, and new flavours. We promote transparency by sharing our knowledge with our customers.

Unity. Together, as one team, we work out the best solutions for our customers. Side-by-side with our customers, we search for that unique, perfect blend. Together with our partners, we invest in new techniques and new materials.

Success. Achieving our goal. Keeping our eye on the ball. Maintaining focus. Getting results.